Based on the immense success of our operations, the company has now taken a further step forward to fill a void in the field of Industrial Nursing Services.

Services offered under this program;

  • First aid treatment in an emergency
  • Accompany patients with safe transportation to hospital I case of an emergency
  • Attend to minor ailments like headaches, stomachaches, faint attacks of employees
  • Observe and record temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure
  • Surgical dressing of wounds
  • Administer intra-muscular injections
  • Maintain health files of all employees
  • Ensure that health care areas like the consultation area and all equipment is kept under hygienic conditions.
  • Educate employees in personal hygiene
  • Awareness programs on the prevention of infectious diseases
  • Medical check up
  • Immunization campaigns in time of epidemic

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